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24 Hour Answering Service

Are your employees always scrambling to answer your phones, interrupting their busy schedules? Then it’s time to try 24 Hour Operator Answering Service. We can effectively answer your calls, giving your employees more energy and time to devote to your business. Your business is sure to rise to the top when you have auxiliary assistance for your communications needs around the clock.

Real-time Customer Connection

Most businesses let their calls go to voicemail when their office is closed. When you outsource for our services, you can be a step ahead of the competition by having real, live people answering your business calls. No matter where you’re located, our professional, personable live receptionists will assist your customers and clients. Friendly customer service agents offer much more than an automated voice, intelligently responding to your customer and client requests. Our customer service reps easily look up employee extensions, relay company schedules and delays, or give out business contact information. This allows your employees to reduce the number of repeat calls, boosting both customer satisfaction and employee production.

Endless Opportunities and 24 Hour Operator Answering Service and Support

Open up a wealth of new opportunities by hiring a team of virtual receptionists to field your calls around the clock. Using live receptionists make it easy to tap into new clientele and satisfy current customers with:

 Appointment Setting. Telephone receptionists can schedule appointments day and night. Both new and existing clients can call in at any time to set up appointment times or request a date change.  Order-taking Services. Using customer service representatives can increase your sales by professionally taking your orders. Customer service representatives walk your customers through the order process, answering any product or shipping questions as they go.  Message Taking. Get your messages anywhere with a 24 Hour Operator Answering Service account. Customer service agents will forward your messages to standard company voice-mail or fax numbers and also to portable devices like your smart phone or pager.  Priority Notification. You’ll never miss an important call when you take advantage of incoming call services. Our experts will patch your priority calls directly to any phone number, no matter what time it is. Doctors, lawyers, and business professionals all use this service to stay on top of their game.